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In addition to the usual risks of traveling by road, there is now the risk of contagion in vehicles due to the permanence of the virus on different surfaces.

For this reason, the ALD Automotive leasing company emphasizes the establishment of a series of guidelines to avoid infections and maintain safety during journeys, either to the workplace or during the development of the workday itself.

Despite the fact that with mobility restrictions the roads are much emptier than usual, it is necessary to maintain responsibility and commitment to road safety. An increase in the relaxation of standards could have dire consequences, especially now that all health efforts are focused on tackling the epidemic.

So minimizing the risks of road incidents should be a priority for drivers. For this, in addition to adequate training in road safety, good vehicle maintenance and the implementation of technologies that make traveling safer are important.

Whether they are journeys with vehicles owned, leased or shared, the personnel who have to travel to their workplace by road during the Alarm State, must bear in mind several aspects to minimize the risk and avoid contagions within the vehicles.

Taking into account that the Covid-19 is a virus that survives for hours on different surfaces, it is necessary to clean all the elements of the vehicle that are most exposed when driving, both outside and inside the cabin: steering wheel , gear lever, controls, dashboard, windows and door handles are areas that must be disinfected with a disposable cloth or cloth impregnated with alcohol or disinfectant. Do not forget to shake the mats and vacuum the interior and vents as well as possible, as the virus also remains in the air.

These cleaning guidelines are necessary both before and after each journey in all vehicles, but it is more important, if possible, in shared cars. In addition, the use of masks and gloves is recommended and, if several people share the same vehicle at the same time, to this is added the obligation to occupy the most remote positions within the passenger compartment, as indicated by the authorities.

Ozone treatment
A Spanish company, Alvato, has offered to carry out ozone treatment for disinfecting the car’s interior free of charge to anyone who goes to one of its centers.

For about fifteen minutes the ozone generator machine is responsible for dispersing the gas inside the car, turning it into a clean space free of viruses and bacteria. The microbicidal properties of ozone are capable of quickly sterilizing the interior and in one hour the vehicle would be immunized.

The amount of ozone that the generators use is sufficient to carry out its viricidal and bactericidal function, but without being harmful to the occupants of the vehicle.

The ozone dose is also introduced through the ventilation ducts of the vehicle, a focus of accumulation of bacteria and elements harmful to human health in the long term. However, the recommendation is to clean and disinfect them also with an active foam also with microbicidal properties.

Thousands of cars throughout the national territory are expected to be disinfected in order to turn them into safe spaces, and the solidarity of companies like Alvato allow this to be done for free.

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